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activist later said he wanted to go to the united states with his family, forcing the two governments to resume negotiations over his fate. chen earlier asked for a meeting with u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. testifying by telephone before a u.s. congressional commission, he said he no longer feels safe in china and wants to leave for the united states. >> the activist said he wants to meet clinton, who is visiting beijing, to seek further support and to thank her face to face. >> your case is the test, the test of the chinese commitment to protect you, which they've given. we're very dubious about those assurances. >> the commission chairman said the u.s. congress will take up the issue adding that the american commitment to the human rights is being put to the test. >>> south korea is reporting more disruptions to its satellite-based global positioning system are affecting air travel and shipping. a south korean official tells nhk that disruptions apparently originate from north korea. south korean maritime police say more than 120 vessels including patrol boats in the yel
representative for the korean peninsula. the six-party talks will take place. >> both china and the united states really have the same fundamental interests when it comes to the peninsula and in north korea, which is peace, stability and the pursuit of denuclearization. >> davies will head to tokyo later in the day with talks with japanese officials. >>> a japanese research institute said satellite images show that north korea is building a new launchpad in the country's northeast. researchers at johns hopkins university announced the results of their analysis of the photos of the site taken on april 29th. the researchers say the work to upgrade the site began last summer. they say the images show the concrete foundations of a launchpad and buildings designed to enclose the fuel. they also say a large structure apparently intended for assembling rockets has been completed in a former residential area near the site. the institute said the upgrade is aimed at launching test launch also. it predicts the new facilities could be operational in four years. >>> south korean defense authorities want to b
between pakistan and the united states. the foreign minister spoke about the sore spot in an exclusive interview with nhk. she says she supports a court decision to imprison a pakistani doctor who helped american intelligence authorities track down al qaeda leader osama bin laden. >> you have to respect the law of every country. and you have to respect our other's laws and respect our expectations of each other and our realistic expectations and i think the realistic expectations of any one country to go against the laws is not a realistic or healthy expectation. >> pakistani courts sentenced shakil afridi wednesday to 33 years in prison for treason. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton denounced the ruling as unjust. she says the obama administration will continue to pursue the issue with pakistani authorities. u.s./pakistan relations worsened after american special forces raided a compound near islamabad last may and killed bin laden. they took another hit after u.s. helicopters killed 24 pakistani soldiers last november. pakistan's government retaliated by closing supply routes f
kobayashi. the united states is renegotiating with c china over the fate of the chinese human rights activist chen quangcheng, who was transferred to a beijing hospital from the u.s. embassy there wednesday. the u.s. government announced chen would be moved to a safe location within the country reflecting his choice. the move was based on an agreement with china. on thursday, chen revealed his concerns to nhk in a telephone interview. >> he also said chinese authoritiy ies have set up seve new surveillance cameras at his home where his mother still lives. chen says the reassurances he got before leaving the embassy have not been kept and his rights are being violated. u.s. state department spokesperson victoria nuland said chen had a change of mind after half a day in the hospital. she added the u.s. government is rethinking its agreement with china and negotiating the possibility of chen and his family abroad. chinese government is trying to avoid a lengthy dispute that could accelerate demands for democracy. >>> the united states and china ended their first day of strategic and eco
to apply to study in the united states. >> a week ago, the 40-year-old estate house arrest fleeing to the u.s. embassy in beijing. he was sent to a chinese hospital for treatment, which is when the activist made a dramatic call took a u.s. congressional hearing, asking for asylum, fearing for his and his family's life. >> though under heavy guard, he has been communicating with the outside world. he made an emotional call for freedom from his hospital in beijing. sadly, it seemed as if the diplomatic logjam between the u.s. and china might be breaking -- suddenly, it seemed as if the logjam might be breaking. >> i'm pleased that today, our ambassador has spoken with him again. our embassy staff and our doctor had a chance to meet with him, and he confirms that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> the plan gives china a way to save face and avoids the sticky issue of granting chen asylum. china's foreign ministry has played down the up side. >> chen has the same rights as other citizens and they applied to study abroad and go through relevant
the negotiations. chief participants in the united states and the eight other nations wrapped up the trans pacific partnership on wednesday in texas. >> we have made better than expected progress here this week. we plan to move full steam ahead and hope to take another major step toward conclusion of the agreement at this round in july. >> the chief u.s. negotiator said the countries reported their individual consultations with japan, canada and mexico about their participation in tpp talks. they all agreed to continue the consultations. the discussions on tariffs are stalled. it remains unclear if the negotiations will be concluded by the end of the year as the u.s. hopes. >>> more business for you next hour. i'll leave you with the latest market figures. >>> japan and china have agreed to work together on maritime issues in a bid to avoid further conflicts in the east china sea. it follows disputes including a 2010 collision between a chinese trawler and the japanese coast guard. it came among talks in eastern china on wednesday. around 50 officials from both side took part. both sides claimed s
between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries. a future in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation, and we build an equal partnership between two sovereign states. >> ahead of the speech, he and afghan president hamid karzai signed a strategic partnership agreement. the deal cements u.s. commitment to afghanistan after 2014. that's when american combat troops are scheduled to leave the country. the agreement allows u.s. forces to train afghan soldiers and engage in sweep operations against al qaeda. >> others will ask, why don't we leave immediately? that answer is also clear -- we must give afghanistan the opportunity to stabilize. otherwise our gains could be lost. al qaeda could establish itself once more. as commander in chief, i refuse to let that happen. >> this is obama's first visit to afghanistan since december, 2010, and third sce he took office. he's currently campaigning for re-election in november. >>> aung san suu kyi and her colleagues are getting ready to take their seats in myanmar's parlia
: however, japan's competitors have stronger records. the united states atlas rockets have both more than 300 launches. europe's ariane rocket has more than 200. [ speaking japanese ] >> reporter: it is also more expensive right now to launch a satellite in japan. special engineers are currently working on plans to develop new rockets. in the meantime, they'll keep encouraging countries to launch rockets in japan. it's a business opportunity and also a chance to strengthen the domestic space industry. daisuke kogure, nhk world, at the tanegashima space center, japan. >>> wall street investors pushed stock markets down for yet another day. ai uchida joins us now from the business desk so ai, what's behind the fall there? >> we saw a few factors pushing the dow jones down, but the main ones were weak manufacturing data as well as renewed concerns over europe. the dow jones fell to a four-month low, levels not seen since mid-january. it closed the day at 12,442, down 1.25%. so to see how stocks are trading here in tokyo, let's go to ramin mellegard, who is at the tokyo stock exchange. ramin,
provokeations by north korean authorities. the leaders of japan and the united states are trying to show solidarity with common challenges and common threats. they met in washington and emphasized the importance of the decades old alliance on maintaining security. they titled it a shared vision for the future. the documents said the japan-u.s. alliance said the foundation of peace and stability in the region. >> translator: the asia pacific region is at the center of the world development. they had factors such as fears over north korea. they had a maritime dispute. we will realize the realignment of forces to strengthen the security of the region. >> he was referring to china and taiwan. their governments are allocating more money to military spending. they are involved in territorial disputes with japan. obama calls the region strategically important and stresses a military presence there will be geographically distributed and operationally resilient. >> the u.s.-japan alliance will maintain the foundation of the security and prosperity of the two nations and a cornerstone of peace a
to preventing disaster. >>> the united states has expressed concern to china over reports that relatives of human rights activist cheng juan chen have been detained. >> we have had contact with chinese authorities about these concerning reports. beyond that, we are awaiting further information on some of these issues. >> chen is receivingreatment in a beijing hospital. the blind activist says he wants to go to the u.s. the chinese government says he can leave the country for study purposes. new york university has invited chen to be a visiting scholar and urged the government to let him leave for the u.s. the united states plans to ask china to expedite chen's departure. >>> myanmar and europe are working to deepen ties. the lower house speaker has visited eu headquarters for the first time since it suspended all sanctions against the country. a group of law makers recently met with eu president and foreign policy chief in brussels. it came last month ashton visited myanmar for the opening of the eu office which aims to promote trade and investment. >>> authorities in south korea are aga
was the united states. the living room was mexico. walter cronkite was the ambassador to both countries. >> funding is provided by carnegie corporation of new york. celebrating 100 years of philanthropy and committed to doing real and permanent good in the world. the colberg foundation, independent production fund with support from the partridge foundation, a john and holly guf charitable fund. the clement foundation, park foundation dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. the herb albert foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. the bernard and audrey rappaport foundation, the john d. and katherine t. mcarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. more information at and gumowitz, the hkh foundation, barbara g. fleishmann and by our sole corporate sponsor, mutual of america. designing customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we are your retirement company. >> welcome. there is no stretch of territory in the world quite like the
.s. history, saying the united states is weakening al-qaeda but warning the fight isn't over. >> we're determined to destroy that organization. we're going to destroy it, but that's going to continue to require us to maintain this pressure on al-qaeda, whether it be in pakistan, afghanistan, as well as in yemen. >> meanwhile, a major milestone in the rebuilding of ground zero -- 1 world trade center becoming new york city's tallest skyscraper. newly installed steel columns will make the tower just over 1,250 feet tall. that puts the unfinished skyscraper taller than the empire state building. and a spectacular sight for new yorkers. space shuttle enterprise riding atop a modified 747, soaring over the city skyline before landing at its temporary home at jfk airport. onlookers lining streets and rooftops to catch a glimpse of enterpriflying over the statue of liberty and much of manhattan's skyline. enterpriwill ultimately retire at the intrepid sea, air & space museum. >> just about every major city in the country wanted the enterprise, but new york has the right stuff, and we won.
occupied military post in the united states. we'll get a special tour of west point. >> coming up, i'll tell you why this person is driving badly to save lives. >> something you probably do just about every day may be hazardous to your health. >> that and lots more right now on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. here's our top story for this week. >> we've all seen those cute paper balloons in stores. you fill one out when you donate money. but you may wonder, who does your dollar help? nicole has the story. >> ♪ a little bit longer, hey >> musician nick jonas, american idol david archuleta, and teen dream justin bieber -- they're just some of the celebs who support the children's miracle network hospitals. but 13-year-old alena, and millions of kids like her, are the real stars of the charity. alena gets a special present delivered to her house once a week. it's not clothes, jewelry, or games. alena's gift is medicine that helps keep her alive. >> so i have a rare genetic disorder called maroteaux-lamy, or also known as mps vi, and i t
to the united states and said, "look what the united states is doing." you know, indefinite detention. the patriot act. you know, increase surveillance powers. "if the united states can do it, they certainly can't criticize us." and this happened in a number of countries. so, you know, we knew we had to look to ourselves in order to speak to the world. so we began to work with the aclu, pen did, to put together these public readings from these documents. >> you can't believe some of these documents that they've uncovered. and, you know, in a way it's a tribute to this country that the freedom of information act actually works. that you don't actually need wikileaks. like, there is an actual legal way that documents that are quite damaging to the people who committed these acts of atrocity. >> that's something that the book really chronicles is that this was not a case where everybody agreed with these programs. on the -- >> with the torture? >> right. >> you mean, people inside government? >> absolutely. >> there were dissenters? >> in the military, and in all of the intelligence agen
guitar workers came to the united states looking for financial help. i offered to play a benefit show on their behalf. but the day before the benefit show, the earthquake in haiti happened. so these korean guitar workers, who had traveled 6,000 miles and were in desperate need for money for themselves, their families, and their strike fund, voted to donate 100% of the proceeds from their benefit show to the haiti relief effort. and i was very moved by that selfless act of international solidarity. that day, i wrote the song "world wide rebel songs," performed it that night, and became the staple, the cornerstone, of my most recent record of the same name. because their selfless act provides a window into the kind of world that i'd like to live in, the kind of world i'd like my children to inherit, the kind of world that i fight for in my music. >> here's the paradox you take me to, though. you sing, "hang on, man. it won't be long." there's something wonderfully promising about that, but also, terribly potentially disturbing. because you hang on and think, you know, you've been at thi
was read as far as major indices go. the dax and euro stocks 50 lost 50%. over to the united states, where the dow is also down, not as far, but down by 1.3%. the euro also trading in negative territory for $1.2375. in a minute, we will look at how the italians are coping with their second deadly earthquake in just a few weeks. >> that is right, but first, a look at other stories making news around the world. in britain, prime minister david cameron's former communications chief has been detained on suspicion of committing perjury. he told the court in 2010 he had no knowledge of illegal activities by reporters while he was tabloid editor. he has now been arrested in connection with the old hacking allegations. >> in the u.s., mitt romney has pledged the republican presidential nomination with a big win in the texas primary. a former massachusetts governor secured the votes of the necessary 1144 delegates. he is said to be officially anointed at the republican national convention in august. >> the burmese opposition leader has been given a rafters reception from thousands of burmese migran
korean agents are in the united states looking for help. they've asked a key member of congress for further cooperation in resolving the issue. members of the association of families of victims kidnapped by north korea met ileana ros-lehtinen in washington, the chairperson of the foreign affairs committee of the house of representatives. the group says it told the republican lawmaker about an american man who was allegedly kidnapped by north korea. the man went missing in china's yunnan province in 2004. ros-lehtinen reportedly expressed strong interest in the case and said she will discuss the matter in congress and with the state department. she also said she wants to tackle the abductions of japanese nationals and suggested that imposing more sanctions on north korea may bemportant in resolving the issue. >> translator: i want americans to see that the abduction issue matters to them as much as it does to people in japan, and that the two countries should jointly work to resolve the problem. >>> voters in the u.s. are divided over one of life's certainties, taxes. the parties
. >>> the air forces of south korea and the united states have begun their largest ever joint drill. security analysts say they're trying to put pressure on north korea. the annual drill called max thunder began on monday west of the korean peninsula and will run through may 18th. south korea and the united states hold drills twice a year to prepare for possible air battles with north korea or attacks on military bases. a south korea defense ministry spokesperson says the exercise involves more than 60 aircraft including fighter jets. surveillance planes are also involved. south korea says it deployed cruise missiles that can strike any part of the north after north korea's failed attempt to launch a long-range missile last month. the north claims it was a rocket carrying a satellite. >>> north korea's second highest ranking official is scheduled to visit its close ally indonesia next week. na they're likely it to seek backing for their country as the north is further isolated internationally after the launch of what it called a rocket. the indonesian president's office said the president of
chen guangcheng is appealing for asylum in the united states. >> he spent almost a week in the u.s. embassy in beijing before emerging on wednesday. he says he fears for the safety of himself and his family. >> american officials are continuing talks with both chen and beijing, but the chinese government wants an apology over the u.s. and its handling of the case. >> supporters to question how washington turned him back over to the authorities in china. >> chen guangcheng is now in this beijing hospital where he was brought by u.s. officials. in a phone interview with the reuters news agency, he said he now wants to leave china as soon as possible. he says he fears for his safety and that while he was planning to stay in china, he has now changed his mind. he says his family are with him and that they also want to get out of the country. the affair has overshadowed a visit to china by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. in a speech before the country's leaders, she said beijing must protect human rights. >> because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizen
and western parts of the united states. that is it for us for now. do not forget you can find more on our web site -- >> see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute
just heard in that report, the golden gate bridge is one of the most photographed objects in the united states. i was in california. everyone was talking about the golden gate bridge. >> if you imagine how impressive it must have been at that time. i was there and i was not that impressed, but at that time. >> we have more coming up. >> yes? >> we will look at changes in the german national team's soccer lineup. >> and all the drama you want to know about, after the break. >> don't go away. we will be here. >> welcome back. but 11 days ago, joachim loew has announced his team for the championships. >> those cut include julian draxler, sven bender, cacau, and marc-andre ter stegen. they have all been sent home from the german training camp. and the german team is not the only one making last-minute adjustments ahead up 2012. italy suspended its defender. >> in early morning raids on monday, police searched teams based near florence. >> police carried out dawn raids throughout the country. at the national team's training camp, they searched the room, seen on the right, and warned the play
is the highest award the united states can bestow on a person for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. >> the medal of honor came about because the united states army actually did not have any medals to give to its soldiers prior to the civil war. today, of course, you have to pretty much do a very heroic act -- something that's distinctly either saves lives or saves a situation. in the civil war, you didn't have to do that. a lot of times, a soldier would get a medal of honor for just picking up a dropped flag. today, though, you actually have to do something in combat with an enemy force, and that's a little bit different than some of the medals of honor that were given out in the past. >> this report is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. staying up late, studying, stressing over grades and tests. do you think things like these can cause a teen to be distracted while driving? >> yes, because staying up late decreases your energy and it will make you drowsy or sleepy and studying because you have to worry about tests all the time and homework and things like that.
are to blame, too. they say an iranian military unit helped carry out the massacre. state department spokesperson victoria neuland says an officer of the islamic military guard admitted the elite force supports the military. >> the qods force saying publicly that they were proud of the role that they had played in training and assist in the syrian forces. >> a se >> france, britain, germany, canada, australia and other nations have ordered syrian ambassadors and other diplomats to leave. >>> the french president said western nations took the actions together to put more pressure or not syrian government. >>> defense ministers from china and the pill phoenix have both shown a positive stance toward easing tensions over a disputed show in the south china sea. guanglie met with u.n. counterparts in cambodia. they described the talks as constructive. ahead of the meeting, they met unofficially on monday and agreed to avoid provocative actions and work toward easing tensions. they continued their maritime standoff over territorial claims to the show. armed guards have been positioned in d
. we've got things that are plants in the united states that are owned by people overseas. we've got people in the united states who own things, but the plant is overseas. and in many of the big products that we assemble, automobiles, you've got parts coming from all over. so did the jobs all go overseas? or in a global economy, would some of it have gone overseas and some of it come here? now, once you make that inference, you can tell why the democratic response and the ad are both telling you a partial truth. some of that money did create jobs overseas, but some of that money created jobs here. the ad only tells you half. the democratic response only tells you half. but since you know the economy is global, you know there is some truth in both. >> it true, by the way, that fact checkers forced mitt romney to back away from his claim that he had net -- net increased jobs by 100,000 while he was running bain capital? >> yes. and when people say fact checking doesn't matter, here's a case study. fact checking often hits a brick wall. that is, the campaigns believe that they can resta
to afghanistan, after the united states. and that wraps up our bulletin. i'm cholaphansa narula in bangkok. in aer central vietnam and avg ze injured. overnight bus av ionof the state run nh misy the 19s.i. th j'sifmaha ao ts rso vi t wk s magi takthr y to aansis. eangdegas wte nio a exrttoor k d plenthy thanmimaa. faice ars ait hecomys ny' boom leor the fire e vement released its monthly report friday. nsptn is ring at a moderate pace. at largely because of robust auto sales driven by fofu eicnt vehicles. they also say exports are owg gnof pkip along with employment. but the analysts are warningpa n european debt crisis and with all of japan'sucarreactors off line as we mentioned aut the possibility of power shortages this summer. sreal i japan rose for the second due in part to strong sales of clothing. thjan partment stores association says sales a stores across the country totaled nearly $6 billion last moh. that's up 1.3% from a year earlier. association officials say warmer weather pushed up sales of spring clothes, shirts and other light casual wrete rnnt cl z mmer fashion campaig
a new dimension in malware. >> suspicion has fallen on the united states and israel, but there is no hard evidence yet. experts said the programming is so good, it may be impossible to determine its source. >> all right, time now for our latest euro 2012 team check ahead of the soccer championship. >> we're looking at denmark. group d, a tough group that also features the netherlands, germany, portugal. some are already calling it the group of death. >> most analysts reckon denmark's chances of making it through to the knockout phase are pretty slim. ♪ ? 's side practicing -- denmark opposes at practicing in the country's east coast of using a local club's. if the players are nervous, they're not showing it. it is a casual atmosphere. >> i think that has to do with the fact that we are a small country. everything is a little more relaxed here. for example, the interaction between players and fans, it is the danish mentality. >> the practice sessions are a hit with local residents. >> this is a small stadium. you can just walk in and see the national team. it is gre
has become the first sitting president in the united states to come out and give its backing to legalizing gay marriage. his remarks were in a televised -- televised interview on a u.s. television statement. public opinion is tending towards support for same-sex unions, with a gallup poll in the states showing 50% of people favoring them and 48% rejecting the. >> this issue is set to become a hot-button issue and an extremely divisive one in november's election to the obama pose a republican challenger mitt romney has reaffirmed his stand that marriage should only be between a man and woman and that gay marriage undermines the family and society. >> the most beautiful day of one's life. but for same-sex couples in many u.s. states, there can be no marriages of it. 28 states have banned same-sex marriage, so for gays and lesbians, the president's words were a hardening boost. >> for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and of firm -- affirm pet i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> no president ever with this far on the gay marriage issue. oba
from the united states, from the labor market there, which finally rushed european shares, the dax including, down words. >> let's take a look in numbers in more detail. the dax ended at 6110, down. the euro stoxx 50 also down. the dow jones is also lower, 13,241. the eurobank losing ground against the dollar. $1.3155. >> and other top german politician is in the spotlight after allegations of plagiarism. a university is investigating anonymous claims that the education minister did not properly sourced parts of the doctor. >> a spokesman for the university says they have asked a committee to review the thesis. she has called for those behind the allegations, which were posted on an internet blog but, to come forward. time for some german soccer news. dortmund's striker is set to leave the bundesliga champions at the end of the season for china. >> the national player has signed a four-year contract with the team. since 2010, he scored 39 goals. an injury early this season put him on the sidelines. >> berlin is packed with space experts from around the world today for a conference
to the united states. the human rights activists calls the major -- caused a major diplomatic dispute last month by escaping house arrest and fleeing to beijing. >> and tornadoes have caused severe damage in eastern japan. one person was killed and nearly 50 injured when the twister cut in half -- at a path through two provinces. the storm knocked out power for tens of thousands of people and damaged nearly a thousand buildings. >> india has delayed the introduction of controversial plans to crack down on tax evasion, that after criticism by foreign investors. those plans included provisions to retroactively apply a tax on mergers and acquisitions and going back a half a century. a number of multinational companies warned that it would leave india if the legislation was adopted. the rules were drawn up to prevent annise from avoiding capital gains tax by rerouting investments through tax havens. >> welcome the indian government has also moved to lower the amount of money it pays out in assistance to the port. it has done so through a technicality, by lowering the country's poverty line to just 2
. >>> senior diplomats from japan, south korea and the united states met in seoul to talk about how to deal with a common threat. they agreed to take concerted action against north korea if the reclusive nation tests another nuclear weapon. it's the first time the group met since north korean authorities failed to launch what they called a satellite-carrying rocket. >> if the dplk goes for further escalation, we are to take unified and coordinated actions and responses. >> we're united in our resolve to respond, not just the three allies but russia and china as well. >> u.s. delegate glyn davies again pushed china to play a greater role in preventing north korean officials from carrying out provocative acts. the u.n. security council adopted a statement condemning last month's launch. that sparked concerns the north leaders could respond with the new nuclear tests. >>> concerns about regional security are encouraging old foes to forge new alliances. south korean defense officials are working to find ways to cooperate with their chinese counterparts. the nations fought in the 1950s during th
in okinawa, tokyo, and the united states, to try and understand why his islands had to make such a great sacrifice. during his tenure as governor, the okinawan people's anti-u.s. sentiment exploded after the rape of a teenage girl by three u.s. marine soldiers. in 1996, after a series of negotiations with the pentagon and tokyo, ota won a concession. the u.s. agreed to withdraw from bases from okinawa, including the notorious futenma marine air station. however, after the governor retired from the politics, the base issue became deadlocked over where to relocate it. >> people question so strongly that that the okinawa military bases should be cut down, similar amount to the mainland japan. but this was not done. now there's great disappointment and anger toward the central government. the current central el they are government, after 40 years of reversion. >> reporter: anything has changed about the issue of the bases? >> nothing has changed at all, even worse. >> reporter: ohta survived the battle of okinawa as a child soldier. he says the sacrifice of a third of the islanders made him
-fire. >> the united nations mission is in syria. it was to speed things up but needs member states to provide manpower. >> so far, just a couple dozen u.n. observers have been monitoring the state of the truce between syriannment forces and rebels. a senior u.n. official said tuesday that he is confident the full 300-member contingent will be deployed by the end of may. >> so that, of course, we rely on member countries to supply us with human personnel that are being deployed on the ground. and of course, we need to be given visas by the syrian authorities. >> with so few observers currently on the ground, there is still much scope for both sides to violate the truce terms. this unverified internet video claims to show a funeral march for victims of an army bombardments early tuesday. 9 of the 10 victims were said to be from the same family. in homs, the heart of the uprising against president assad's regime, life remains a daily struggle for civilians. opposition militants still control parts of palms -- homs. residents say even there they are at the mercy of government sniper fire. >> to the nether
.s. government's explanation. >>> now, china and the united states are set for high-level talks on thursday. all eyes will be on the impact of the latest diplomatic issue on dialogue of issues including the bilateral trade imbalance and north korea. u.s. officials have been looking to the two-day talks for a chance to push china on pressuring iran and north korea over their nuclear programs. assistant secretary of state curt had been in conference in an effort to strike a deal over chen. washington is insisting it will ensure chen's safety and it was his decision to leave the embassy. but chinese officials are signaling their unhappiness with the entire affair. a foreign ministry spokesperson released a statement on wednesday demanding the americans apologized for what he called totally unacceptable interference in chinese domestic affairs. >>> beijing and washington have found themselves entangled in an awkward dispute and there are no signsed on how or when it's going to end. >> reporter: civil rights akty shift chen guangcheng lost his sight as a child. he started campaigning for the disabled
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